Distributorship Opportunity In Beauty & Personal Care Products

Brand: JOVIAL CARE | Target Location: Across India | Required Investment: Rs.50,000 to 2 lakh | Required Storage Space: 500 Sq.ft


Product Details

Walnut Apricot Face Scrub

MPR: Available on request

Product Description:

  • Bring back the freshness and glow on your face.
  • Penetrate the skin pores and
  • Effectively clean your skin of dirt, grime, and bacteria.
  • increases the oxygen supply.

Skin whitening face wash

MPR: Available on request

Product Description:

  • Glowing skin every day with Glutathione and Vitamin C Face Wash
  • Beetroot is rich in Vitamin C that protects the skin from signs of aging
  • It can also be used as a body wash to retain the moisture content of the skin
  • helps defend against the damage from UV light causing pigmentation and dullness

Dry Comfort XL Sanitary Pads

MPR: Available on request

Product Description:

  •  18 XL Straight Sanitary Pads with wings for strong protection
  •  Each pad is 280 mm XL size
  • leak-proof bottom sheet Sanitary pads
  • During periods, size regular can be used for Normal flow
  •  Change the pad every within 6 hours for a healthy and hygienic period
  • ovial Care provide feather soft and high absorbency


Business Details

Company Overview:

At our company, we offer a diverse range of products at reasonable prices, coupled with dependable and efficient customer services.

We proudly present KYNA HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED, actively engaged in the production and distribution of high-quality sanitary napkins, pads, Skin Care, Hair Care, Hygiene Care, and Personal Care Products. Our offerings provide exceptional effectiveness in preventing skin-related issues. Recognizing that personal hygiene transcends gender boundaries, we extend our range to include Men’s Care Products. Both categories excel at moisture absorption, aiding in rash prevention, Pigmentation removal, blemish reduction, Acne treatment, hair strengthening, and dandruff reduction, among other benefits.

Our renowned brand, JOVIAL CARE, by Kyna Healthcare Private Limited, is synonymous with affordable excellence. We are expanding our presence across India and the global market.

Committed to the demands of the modern era, Kyna Healthcare Private Limited diligently strives to offer accessible, high-quality international-standard feminine hygiene products like Sanitary Napkins and Menstrual Cups, as well as Personal Care items such as Intimate Wash, Hair Shampoo, Face Wash, Face Scrub, Body Scrub, Hair Removal Cream, and Face & Body Cream. Our aim is to integrate the concepts of Beauty and Health to create a comprehensive approach.

Our mission centers around fostering a conducive environment that empowers and enables us to advocate for menstrual hygiene and personal care on a global scale. Through community-based production and distribution, coupled with policy advocacy at the household level, we endeavor to facilitate easy access to sanitation products.

Our ultimate goal is to provide quality products at competitive rates, encouraging new startups to enter the industry.

Feminine Hygiene Product – Sanitary Pads: 

Recognizing the challenges faced by women in India during menstruation, we strive to offer female-friendly hygienic products, thoughtfully designed by women for women. Our products aim to provide comfort and ease during this natural cycle.

While over 80% of adolescent girls are aware of menopause and menarche, handling these aspects effectively remains a challenge. In our culture, menstruation is often considered secretive and stigmatized, leading to exclusion.

Research suggests that a mere 2% of rural and 12% of urban Indian women use menstrual pads due to affordability and availability issues. Many resort to unhygienic alternatives. These practices can lead to infections and health concerns while harming the environment. We present a unique and eco-friendly solution to ensure proper hygiene and quality for every woman, fostering a healthier India.

Key Features of Our Products:

– High comfort level
– Skin-friendly
– Excellent absorption
– Long-lasting
– Leak-proof

Skin & Personal Care Products:

Our Skin Care, Hair Care, and Personal Care Products have earned global recognition for their quality and affordability. JOVIAL CARE products are designed to enhance consumers’ confidence by enhancing their beauty and well-being.

Designed to clean hair, combat dandruff, maintain clear and blemish-free skin, our products also offer sunburn protection and deep moisturization.

Kyna HealthCare Private Limited, through JOVIAL CARE, is dedicated to expertly nurturing beauty and skincare, embracing natural beauty and promoting self-confidence.

Product Range:

– Jovial Care Red Onion Shampoo enriched with Black Sesame Seed Extract
– Jovial Care Fermented Rice Water Shampoo with Hibiscus Extract
– Jovial Care Coffee Face & Body Scrub
– Jovial Care Walnut & Apricot Face & Body Scrub
– Jovial Care Kesar Chandan Face & Body Scrub
– Jovial Care Papaya Face Wash
– Jovial Care Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash
– Jovial Care Skin Whitening Face Wash
– Jovial Care Reusable Menstrual Cup
– Jovial Care Intimate Wash for Men
– Jovial Care Intimate Wash for Women
– Jovial Care Hair Removal Cream
– Jovial Care Dry Comfort Regular Sanitary Pads
– Jovial Care Dry Comfort XL Sanitary Pads
– Jovial Care Ultra Dryness XL Sanitary Napkin
– Jovial Care Skin-Friendly XL Sanitary Napkin
– Jovial Care Night Comfort XXL Sanitary Napkin

Our Strengths:

– Effective Communication
– Ethical Practices
– Adaptability
– Team Collaboration
– Efficiency and Productivity
– Sustainable Scaling
– Innovative Culture
– Quality Standards
– Timely and Safe Deliveries
– Transparent Dealings
– Customer-Centric Approach

Contact Details

Name: Mr Amit Kumar


City: Ganganagar

State: Rajasthan

Country: India

Zip Code: 335701