Low Investment Distributorship Opportunity In Package Cotton Candies

Brand: TBPL | Target States: Maharashtra | Required Investment: Rs. 50,000 | Required Storage Space : 250 sqr feet


Tikke Bros Pvt. Ltd.

Looking for:










Annual Sale:


Investment Required :


Space Required:

250 sqr feet

Preferred States:



Product Details

Cotton Candy (15 Gm)

MPR: Rs.20

Product Description:

  • Each packet contains 15 gm of cotton candy
  • Shelf life – 3 months


Business Details

About TBPL:

At TBPL, we are passionate about crafting the sweetest moments for our customers. As the only provider of premium cotton candy in India, we have perfected the art of spinning sugar into dreams since our inception. Our journey started in 2019 with manufacturing the machine and later R&D of making a fine and soft cotton candy packed in an aluminium foil packet to prevent the cotton candy from hardening and to maintain its fluffy texture and hygiene. Our fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth creations are more than just a treat. We believe in using only the finest ingredients, sourced responsibly to ensure the utmost freshness and flavor in every bite. From classic favorites to innovative blends like, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of flavor to delight your taste buds


Our Product:

  • Package Cotton Candy (15 Gm)


Distributor Requirements:

1. Storage space of 250 sq. ft.
2. Investment of Rs. 50,000
3. Preferably, experience in FMCG industry


Advantages of Becoming a Distributor:

1. One and only manufacturer of packed cotton candy in India.
2. Great margin involved
3. As the sales increase, our company will provide better schemes to the distributors


USP of Our Products:

➢Ensuring that the cotton candy produced is of high quality, consistent texture, flavor, and appearance. This includes using quality ingredients and adhering to strict production standards.

➢ Constantly innovating to create new flavors, packaging designs, and product variations to keep customers engaged and attract new ones. This might involve experimenting with new ingredients or techniques to enhance the product.

➢ Maximizing production efficiency to minimize costs and waste. This could involve optimizing manufacturing processes, sourcing ingredients cost-effectively, and implementing efficient distribution strategies.

➢ Identifying new markets and opportunities for growth. This might involve expanding distribution channels, entering new market segments, or exploring partnerships with other companies.

➢ Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. This involves providing excellent customer service, listening to customer feedback, and responding to their needs effectively.

Contact Details

Name: Kunal Tikke

Company Name: Tikke Bros Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Ground Floor, 660 A 1 E Ward, Tikke Building, 2nd Lane, Radha Krishna Mandir, Shahupuri

City/District: Kolhapur

Zip Code: Maharashtra

Zip Code: 416001

Country: India