Frequently Asked Questions

What role do distributors play in a supply chain?
Distributors play a crucial role by facilitating the sale of manufacturers' products in specific territories. They provide essential customer feedback, aiding manufacturers in business growth.
How does Wanted Distributors assist businesses?

Wanted Distributors facilitates businesses in appointing or becoming dealers, distributors, wholesalers, super stockists, CFA, sales agents, and more, streamlining the distribution process.

What services do you offer to manufacturers/brands?

We provide several services to our members:

  • Access to distributor, wholesaler, and distributor listings with comprehensive background information.

  • Expertly curated manufacturer listings for heightened brand visibility and lead generation.

  • We offer assistance in developing highly professional e-commerce websites which not only increase your credibility in the market but also give you the option to present your brand your own way

  • Guidance from an experienced distribution trade professional specializing in Indian brand network development.

To know more, please visit our subscription page

What is the role of your distribution trade professional?

Our highly experienced distribution trade professional offers guidance rooted in years of experience, aiding Indian brands in building extensive distribution networks across India.

How can distributors engage with your platform?

Distributors can conveniently post their requirements on our platform or contact our team directly to explore potential business opportunities.

What are the membership options available for manufacturers/brands?

We offer two membership options:

Free Listing: Your offer is listed on our website, and our team contacts you when inquiries arise for your products.

Premium Membership: Our team actively works on your behalf to help you secure distributors. Visit our subscription page for details.

How do I get started with "Wanted Distributors"?

To kickstart your journey with "Wanted Distributors," visit our subscription page now to explore membership options and take the first step toward expanding your distribution network.

Is multiple subscription purchases necessary for accessing leads in various categories and states?

No, you don't need multiple subscriptions. We offer access to leads of channel partners across multiple product categories and states within a single subscription.

How can I renew my membership on Wanted Distributors?

You can conveniently renew your membership directly on our website by visiting

What if I need assistance with membership renewal?

If you require assistance with membership renewal or have any queries, feel free to reach out to us at or call us.

Can Manufactures/Brands get a customized subscription?

Absolutely, Manufactures/Brands have the option to customize their subscriptions. To learn more about this, please visit or call us.

 What is the advantage of engaging with different types of channel partners?
Engaging with various channel partners like dealers, distributors, super stockists, etc., helps manufacturers tap into diverse markets and increase their reach.
How can distributors help in launching my new product in the Indian market?
Distributors, dealers, and wholesalers play a pivotal role in introducing your product to a wide audience, leveraging their established networks to ensure wider reach and market penetration.
 How do I identify the right distributors for my new product launch?

Research and criteria-based selection are key. Identify distributors with experience in your product category, strong local networks, and a track record of successful launches.

How can I ensure successful collaboration with distributors in a product launch?
Effective communication, clear distribution agreements, regular updates, and support are essential to ensuring a successful partnership with distributors.
How do I address pricing strategies when launching through traditional channels?
Balancing competitive pricing with profit margins is crucial. Understanding the market's pricing dynamics and aligning with channel partner expectations is essential.
How do I effectively communicate my product's value proposition to distributors and dealers?
Craft a compelling value proposition that outlines the benefits of your product, highlighting how it addresses customer needs and stands out from competitors.
Can I receive assistance in identifying the right distribution partners for my product launch?
Yes, our platform offers resources to help you identify potential distributors, dealers, and wholesalers based on your product category and market objectives

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